Get Ready for a Happy Fourth of July in Dallas with Caruth Haven Plaza

It’s hard to decide on what to do for the holidays, but that’s why you have help. Get Ready for a happy Fourth of July 2019 in Dallas with Caruth Haven Plaza. For ideas on what to do in Dallas this 4th of July, keep reading:

New Nails Make for a Happy Fourth of July

It’s always nice for your nails to look good after you get them done, but especially when you’re taking them with you to your holiday events. Show up to your backyard cookout parties with brand new nails from Nails Now at Caruth Haven Plaza in Dallas. This year, it’s time to be proud of your red, white and blue stripes while you cut through your 4th of July firework wrapping with ease. 

Bringing Italy to the Party

If you need to heat things up for the weekend, try I Fratelli Pizza at in Dallas. When you and the family are hungry and craving a taste for fresh, authentic Italian, there are plenty of options for you on the menu to enjoy. This is the perfect way to keep your stomach full and your mind happy for the rest of the holidays. 

Sweeten Your Holidays with Coffee and Desserts

There’s nothing like a delicious dessert surprise to sweeten up the night after a long 4th of July weekend. Take your taste buds to Starbucks at Caruth Haven Plaza for your favorite go-to frappuccino and whipped cream. Now you can swirl into yummy holiday magic while you and the family wait for the firework show to begin. 

Getting ready for holiday weekends sounds stressful sometimes, but it shouldn’t be. For more ideas on what to do in Dallas and how to get ready for 4th of July 2019 in Dallas with Caruth Haven Plaza, check out our directory and blogs pages!

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