Add to Your Dallas Bucket List 2022 This Summer at Caruth Haven Plaza

Here at Caruth Haven Plaza, we know that it’s been a long year of work. Start your Dallas bucket list 2022 here. Add self-care to that list. We know of a place to begin that first step. It’s a wonderful experience that’s sure to relax the whole body. Stop by today to cross everything off your summer bucket list in Dallas at Caruth Haven Plaza:

Start Your Dallas Bucket List 2022 At Yaya Foot Spa

When you step in the door of Yaya Foot Spa, you’ll feel the difference. They take self-care seriously. Not only that, but they use foot reflexology treatments to heal and improve your overall health. Furthermore, they understand the ancient art of pressure points on your foot to the rest of your body.

Yaya Foot Spa Makes You Feel Better

Caruth Haven Plaza is proud to offer the best in reflexology treatment at Yaya Foot Spa. This summer 2022 is the year to heal those issues that bother your family. It’s good for the whole family. Soon, your family will feel the best they’ve ever felt. You can maintain good circulation and help with all the body’s aches and pains.

Ages For Foot Reflexology Treatments At Yaya Foot Spa

They offer the treatments to everyone from age 4 to seniors. In fact, if your four-year-old begins foot reflexology treatments at Yaya Foot Spa, your child can enjoy a life of improved health. All you need to do is bring him or her in for weekly treatment. It improves the flow of energy throughout the body. You’ll enjoy a little nap during the foot reflexology treatments. Then, you’ll wake up feeling incredible.

Looking for more ways to enjoy summer in Dallas? Check out our directory today! 

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