Build Friendships While Shopping in Dallas at Caruth Haven Plaza

Here are a few exciting tips for shopping in Plano with friends. Whether you’re hanging out with someone for the first time or with your closest friend, shopping in Dallas couldn’t be any easier! So, get excited, shop, and build lifelong friendships at Caruth Haven Plaza.

Take a Shopping Break with a Bite to Eat  

We all know how exhausting, tiring shopping can be when you have as many choices as you do at Caruth Haven Plaza. Exploring that many stores would make anyone hungry. Whataburger is the perfect place to refresh your energy. Take a break to eat, chat, talk with your friend and enjoy a delicious meal in between shopping at our shops.

Shop for a New Phone

Why not get that new iPhone you’ve been waiting to get the last few weeks? You know, the one all your coworkers have and keep rubbing in your face. Sprint at Caruth Haven Plaza can help you upgrade with the rest of the world. A new iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X along with a sleek case to go with it might be just what the doctor ordered. Since you’re hanging out with your friend already, they should be the first number in your new phone!

Don’t Go Shopping with Chipped Nails   

Before the day of building stronger friendships is over, make sure y’all get that much-needed pedicure you’ve been needing. Spending time with a friend while getting your nails done is truly a memorable experience. It isn’t fun to go on a shopping spree with chipped nails, so stop by Nails Now today for a fun time with your friend.

Find more ways to go shopping in Dallas by visiting our directory today! And please contact us should you have any questions about building friendships at Caruth Haven Plaza in Dallas. We have some of the best stores in Dallas, with plenty of great restaurants and services to make your trip to Caruth Haven Plaza a pleasant one every time.

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