Learn How to Be a Good Host with Caruth Haven Plaza in Dallas

It’s hard to believe the holidays in Dallas are already here! It seems like we were just enduring the hot days of the Texas summer, and now we’re scrambling to find the best ways to entertain houseguests for the holiday season. While the holiday season in Dallas crept up on most of us, Caruth Haven Plaza has been preparing for the season for a while now. It’s less stressful to initiate planning for your holiday parties early. Here’s a few tips on how to be a good host in Dallas with Caruth Haven Plaza.

Taste the Flavor of Texas at Whataburger  

Whataburger is a Texas staple that people will travel far and wide to try. While you can find Whataburger restaurants in other states, there is something about Whataburger that just screams Texas. Bring your guests to the pride of the Lone Star State and let them try a Monterey Melt with french fries on the side. Not only will it keep you out of the kitchen, but it’ll give everyone time to visit with each other. Remember that Whataburger’s open 24 hours, so you can even stop by late night or early morning for a delicious (insert breakfast link) breakfast.

Sprint Your Way Into Phone Coverage

If you’re expecting guests from out of the country, there’s nothing that will make a trip to Dallas easier than a prepaid phone from Sprint. Since they are traveling out of their country, there is a possibility that their phones won’t work in the US. Most cell phone providers charge a huge amount for international coverage, so it’s less expensive to get a prepaid phone. A personal phone that works in the states will give your houseguests the security to check out the Dallas area on their own without the fear of something bad happening. It’ll also make them feel welcome in your home and give them the ability to show the world their adventures on Facebook!

GameStop will Entertain Everyone on Your List

If your houseguests bring their children or adults who love video games, GameStop in Dallas has everything you need to entertain this holiday season. With so many fun new games out like Red Dead Redemption 2, your guests will be staring at the screen for days. Here is a professional tip: if your guests are an entire family, let the children play while the adults talk. It will keep them occupied while you prepare for the rest of the holiday festivities!

Caruth Haven Plaza has tenants such as GameStop and Whataburger to help you entertain holiday houseguests in Dallas. Learn more about how to be a good host in Dallas by visiting the Caruth Haven Plaza blog today!

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